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We are Irina and Razvan and we have created this blog hoping that by sharing our experiences with ups and downs, we may inspire our fellows to live their live in accordance with their needs. We also aim at creating a community of open minded people, living in awareness.

The Inner Space is our internal universe, that truth which defines us in a unique and authentic way, beyond beliefs, perceptions and learned patterns. In order to get in contact with this Inner Space, it is enough to pay attention to our body and our emotions and to allow the voice of our intuition to guide us like a compass.
“I am here to support and guide you on your self discovery journey. My vision is to create a space of authenticity, non-judgement and awareness for those who are seeking to change their life for the better”  Irina Popescu
“I am ready to offer my support in order to get you back in physical, mental, emotional and energetical shape, so that to live in awareness and in complete alignment with your inner truth.”
Razvan Rudeanu


To what extent do you communicate in awareness?

I arrive early at the train station in Brașov, go straight to line two and get on the train already pulled to the platform. I find my place in the wagon without compartments, put my backpack on top and sit … Read More

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On awakening, hunger for oneness, energy flow and other topics

Sundao ISM is more about practice and experiencing with your body, mind and soul. It is not about gathering knowledge, understanding or talking. However, understanding does occur, knowledge is gradually or spontaneously acquired and talking is a way of energy … Read More

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It comes from another life, you can’t do much about it…

There are more and more people who, in their personal search, find out about the idea of ​​past lives, karma and inheritance that these lives bring to your present now. Inheritance can manifest itself in many ways: unpleasant emotional states, … Read More

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You’re smart and talented, but you do as you are told

Skilled in mathematics at school, a graduate of the Polytechnic, I had for a long time the tendency to analyze things rather rationally, point by point, driven by arguments and logic and less emotionally. Lately, the emotional perspective has become … Read More

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The meaningful questions

“The question is not about being right or wrong, good or bad. Am I in a good relationship or not? Is my partner good or bad? Do I have a good job? Am I right or wrong? Is this situation … Read More

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What is Sundao ISM all about

Sundao ISM (Integral Somatic Method) is not about feeling good, doing meditation or body workout. It is about looking courageously, brutally honest at all aspects of your life (health, couple and family life, parenting, professional life, personal and business projects, … Read More

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Healthy mind in healthy body

(the article starts with a series of thoughts that I noticed, it’s not an unsuccessful abstract poem, so have a little patience 🙂 ) I focus on my power centre… When I focus on my power centre, I decrease the … Read More

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Triple Treasure

PreambleThis article is based on what I’ve learnt in the last 8 years from various meetings with Master Yu, public and semi-private workshops, private sessions, both offline and online. If I quote Master Yu I will specifically mark the text … Read More

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Maternal love through the lens of CranioSacral therapy

It is a fragment of the many, valuable and unique CranioSacral therapy sessions I have benefited from. I lie on my back, on the massage table, and the therapist has her left hand under my spine in the middle of … Read More

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The navy blue Koala has found the Heaven on Earth

A series of Sundao; ISM seminars, over the last three weekends, ended last Sunday. As always after these events (now online, before only offline), bigger or smaller things happen, with or without a meaning for me. I will share one … Read More

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8 years of ISM in 4 minutes

I was asked to briefly share my ISM experience in a video. Integral Somatic Method (ISM) is  based on an ancient Korean art that looks at the body, mind and soul as a whole in order to achieve the balance … Read More

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Bell Rock – 30 minutes as long as a lifetime

This journey was a small but very significant part of a two-week retreat in Arizona with Master Yu Jae-Sheen. During this inner and outer travelling, I often had the feeling that I was living a dream and Romania, left behind, … Read More

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Counseling vs. Psychotherapy

Have you ever wondered what is counseling or psychotherapy, what do they have in common or distinguish them? There are many similarities between counseling and psychotherapy, counseling often includes some psychotherapy and psychotherapy often includes some counseling. Main similarities are: … Read More

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A life like a May day

We can say that nature is generous, because whatever we do to it, it continues to be reborn and to provide us. Sometimes you feel like nature is forgetting, but is not. It’s just that it doesn’t get upset, it … Read More

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About Counseling

Counseling means a professional relationship between a client and a counselor, who can meet in-person or online. It is defined as a talk therapy and a short-term process, focused on solving specific situations and it is effective for a wide … Read More

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What Is Inner Space Counselor?

For many years I was in search of my purpose in life. At some point along the way I encountered Sundao; ISM (Integral Somatic Method) practice and then my personal and professional life went through a series of transformations, to … Read More

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Rebalancing through Centering into Inner Space

Centering into Inner Space means to bring our attention on the place we find within ourselves, where we can get back to when feeling disconnected from ourselves (stressed, anxious, or fearful). When we are not centered, we might feel lost … Read More

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A Few Breathing Exercises

Today I would like to share with you some breathing exercises, suitable for all those who have anxiety, spend a lot in the same position, either standing or sitting, or for those who are convalescing and need an increased intake … Read More

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About perceptions

My father exasperated me for years. In any dispute, conflict, controversy he came to me with the same refrain. Unperturbed, calm, detached, he had almost the same approach, with small linguistic variations. I always heard a line like, “And what … Read More

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My brother, Moravia

Alberto Moravia made his debut at the age of 21 with “The Indifferents”, a novel described by critics as belonging to a mature writer. A prolific novelist, a fine psychologist, he approached very real, bluntly and clearly described topics and … Read More

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